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10802-08 AACSB Committee Conference

Meeting Information

Objective: Review EA draft of Part III

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Time: 1:30 pm


 Chin Che Cheng – Provost

 Yen Ruo Jiang – Dean, Office of Student Affairs

 Wen Cheng Hu – Dean, Office of Research & Development

 Ying Fang Hsu – Director, Office of Personnel

 Victoria – Director, International Affairs and Accreditation

 Wilson – Manager, Accreditation Project

 Ada – Coordinator, International Affairs and Accreditation

 Janice – Coordinator, International Affairs and Accreditation


EA Part III draft review by the provost and directors. Suggestion for each criterion includes:

  • Criterion A
    Eligibility for scholarship
  • Criterion B
    School activities, regular courses incorporated with industrial experts, selection of faculty and administrative representative for participating in school governance
  • Criterion C
    Summer study abroad program, community services or tutoring in the rural schools organized by , Student Welfare Center, establishment of Indigenous Resources Center

Other Notes & Information

●    Victoria will revise the draft by adding suggestion from dean and director.

●    Janice will complete table of courses incorporated with industrial experts.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30

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