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The Growth of CTBC International Students in 2019 Fall Semester

Let’s have a toast for the first week of school begins! Welcome everyone on board to this big CTBC family. Sure there are many new faces inside campus, and have you also noticed that we have more international students this semester? Gladly, the International Center would like to introduce you all for the 10 new students coming from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Russia.
Starting from the initial contact with these students to having them settled down in the dormitory, they all are eager to fit themselves in this new environment. Of course, the anxiety came in minds when meeting classmates, being friends with local students, adapting to the living style in Tainan, and not to mention the new courses and study up ahead. In reverse, all new local freshmen and those who are as exchange students outside Taiwan would feel the same, and this is the circumstances to be bonded with each other by stepping up and introducing yourself to the other and making the new chapter to the page of 2019 fall semester.
By the growth of student number, we are confidently saying the school is becoming a global village and increasing more chances for students to interact and learn internationally with each other, and to be finest financer alumni in the future.
Group photo of new on board inernational students united with Awa and May
Group photo of new on board inernational students united with Awa and May
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