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Learning Goal
AACSB Learning Goals and Objectives

Undergraduate students should demonstrate the following:

LG 1. Business Knowledge
LO 1. Be able to demonstrate fundamental understanding in theory in the respective disciplines.
LO 2. Be able to complete assignment that applies theories to answer specific business issues or analyze relevant problem.

LG 2. Management Skills
LO 1. Be able to identify business theory in practices, and demonstrate critical thinking capability.
LO 2. Be able to recognize team efforts and sustain a honest and devoted professional relationship.

LG 3. Effective Communication
LO 1. Be able to deliver a professional presentation and demonstrate effective use of visual aids and technology.
LO 2. Be able to write in a correct business style using proper and logical structure and language.

LG 4. Ethic and Legal Compliance
LO 1. Be able to demonstrate awareness of corporate social responsibility and business ethics that involves different stakeholders.
LO 2. Be able to apply knowledge and make ethical and socially responsibility decision.